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How to choose fusion splicer

How to choose fusion splicer


Fusion splicer is mainly used in the construction and maintenance of optical fiber communication lines. The principle is to generate high voltage arc from the two electrodes to melt the two optical fibers. In addition, a pair of fiber holder equipped with high precision motor is used to gently push the two optical fibers to complete the coupling of optical fiber. According to the working principle, the optical fiber alignment is the most critical factor of the fusion quality, which determines whether a fusion splicer meets the requirements of fusion loss.

Nowadays, there are many brands of fusion splicer on the market, and the parameters are different. How to choose a cost-effective fusion splicer among the dazzling models has become a difficult problem to choose. In this issue, we will introduce two kinds of optical fiber alignment methods in detail. We hope it will be of certain reference value for you to choose suitable fusion splicer.

There are two kinds of optical fiber alignment methods for fusion splicer on the market in 2021, core alignment and cladding alignment.

e the refractive index of fiber core and cladding, the electric charge in the grey value of different components on imaging, produce light and white decorative pattern, in order to identify alignment optimization. The fusion splicerof core alignment with small loss, suitable for long distance fiber communication lines.

Cladding alignment fusion splicer whose alignment process is: load the fiber into V groove, then use the surveillance cameras based on optical fiber alignment adjustment fixed V groove parts, make the cladding alignment of the two optical fibers, to carry out ARC and splice with two motors push fibers. Fusion splicer of cladding alignment has a high requirement on the precision of V-groove and must make sure zero pollution.In addition, the fiber loss after fusion is also higher than the core alignment because this kind of fusion is aligned with the cladding of the optical fiber rather than the fiber core. In general, the fusion splicer of cladding alignment are suitable in short distance transmission.

Cladding alignment fusion splicer is mainly used in fiber into the home, security monitoring and other communication lines which are short distance transmission. The requirement on fusion loss are not too high, they are relatively cost effective. Core alignment fusion splicer is equipped with high-precision motor alignment system software including core alignment identification, optical equipment and software optimization algorithm with unique design scheme, which can accurately identify the types of fiber and automatically adopt the corresponding splice mode to carry out fusion, to ensure that the fusion loss is small; Fusion splicer core alignment is high technology and could be applied in backbone in addition to the projects like FTTX. Hence its price is higher.  

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